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Forming an Alliance

单打独斗 vs 抱团取暖

Not easy to work as a small practitioner or freelancer.

  • Too many client not enough resources;

  • Too much resources but underutilised;

  • Too tired, exchange health for income; and

  • Many other form of challenges;

Therefore, CNPS Group recently, and formally, form an alliance with another few professionals, under the name AmazingCFO.

Soon the website will be available and Facebook page will be revamp.

Why CNPS decided to form an alliance?

  • To invite more professionals to join;

  • To share resources with each other;

  • To minimize wastage of resources;

  • To have better and closer relationship than loose business partnership;

  • To identify new opportunities together as an alliance.

How it works?

  1. An entity AmazingCfo PLT is registered under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012;

  2. Members of AmazingCfo will elect a committee (similar to Board of Directors in Sdn Bhd);

  3. Committee will appoint two trustees to be "Partner" of the LLP in SSM system;

  4. Members will be professionals joining the alliance.

  5. Members will contribute RM1,000 as joining fee.

    1. Thereafter yearly subscription fee of RM200 only

What do member gets?

  1. Each member will be 'beneficial owner' of the LLP, i.e. can enjoy the equity value in future;

  2. email will be registered for you, under Microsoft 365 Business Basic version,

  3. will be a page or website for you to showcase yourself;

  4. You get close connection with fellow members for support and exploration of opportunities;

  5. You can make use of Social Media contents as if yours;

  6. If above not enough, share us your expectation.

How to join AmazingCfo ?

Contact today.

You can download MySSM app to scan this QR Code

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