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Your C.F.O.

Re-Branding ourselves as Your Compliance Friendly Officer. Of course, we professionally trained chartered accountant, had exposures in corporate world, we can be your Chief Financial Officer as well.

What is Compliance ?

To run a business, there are a number of laws (and many rules) business owners need to comply with, or obeying, else, fine and penalty awaits.

What are the common one (to comply)??

  1. SSM or known as CCM for Sdn Bhd and PLT (limited liability partnership)(of course, also the sole proprietor and partnership)

  2. LHDN or known as IRB for all tax payers, whether your Sdn Bhd in operation or not, still need to comply with Form E and Form C (or PT)

  3. Local authority, trade license etc.

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