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MyTax for Boss

Updated: Mar 25

Headache for bosses now.

New portal by LHDN, MyTax is now 2-in-1 (Personal and Company)

Last year, Boss uses two Password, one for Personal tax, one for Company.

This year (2023), MyTax is 2-in-1.


Boss need staff to handle company tax administration.

Can boss avoid staff 'look-into' boss personal tax information?


Yes, you can.


  1. Login to MyTax with your IC and password

  2. Choose the Company

  3. Go to Profile, then choose "Appointment of Representative"

Step 1

Step 2

Select your Role

* Individual

* Directors of Company (actually this include Partner in PLT)

* Employer (for Form E)

Step 3

Go to Profile

Then, select "Appointment of Representative"

Enter the NRIC of your staff.

by the way, click this to update your address etc.

Step 4

Just enter the NRIC number of your staff (or partner) to manage the tax for the company on your behalf.

Congratulation! Your personal tax information is now PROTECTED.


* Congratulation

* No

* Problem

* Sofar...

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